Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our last Night in Long Key

Well we did stay in Long Key last night. I think Ken felt better after he had everything packed up yesterday including the boat tied to the roof of the truck. So everywhere we went yesterday .. the boat went with us.

We went up to Windley Key and got 3 more stamps in our State Park Passport book. Which was about 23 miles north of us .. then we went down to Curry Hammock Campground (yes another stamp for the book) which was about 10 miles south of us. This is a small campground they only have about 28 campsites but they look nice the had gravel spots instead of sand. And an adjacent beach. Yep all along the boat was with us.

We stopped at Robbies at mile marker 77. you are able to feed tarpon there.. BIG tarpon. It is amazing they sell food and you go out and there are literally a hundred plus tarpon in size from
3 ft to about 6 feet plus. and they just hang out for the food. Jacob had a blast feeding them... he really wanted to fish and catch one...but at last he couldn't. We ate at the Hungry Tarpon there.. it was a really nice dinner the CHEF came to our table to make his recommendation for dinner, it was really nice. Finished dinner went back to camp to relax, then off to bed.

Well It is just inevitable that I be woke up at 4:30 ish ... why should this morning be any different than the others.. This morning I am awaken by the camper moving in the wind!?! Yes the camper is actually being moved, swaying in the wind!! I looked out the windows and could not believe what I was seeing it looked like a hurricane! The bushes were all double over. I went on the internet and looked up on weather bug this time ... and the weather report said winds 20-25 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Well I watched and they were sustained 30 mph gusts for about an hour and 15 minutes. Moving our camper, this is a 24 ft travel trailer, not a popup! All along I am just praying that nothing breaks or gets blown off ...hmmm the AC unit .... My biggest worry (nightmare) was the fact that the boat was strapped to the topper on our truck ...I was having visions of going out and finding the topper ripped from the truck and it and the boat on the ground near the truck.

But the winds were so strong I was afraid of opening the door even to check ...the winds would just blown the door out of my hands and slammed it against the trailer. So I sit and wait praying that nothing happens ... after all I had talked (whined) Ken into staying another night.

Well the winds calmed and I went back to bed. When we went out everything was still in tact, thanks heavens. So we hooked the camper up and headed out for home.

Now we have a reservation for Koreshan SP in Naples on the way home. I had broken the trip up so that Ken would not have to drive the trailer all day to get home. We were just about out of the Keys when my Sister called and said they were in Sanibel again for the weekend and suggested we might be able to stop and stay at the campground on Sanibel for the night (instead of Naples) since it was not much farther up the road. We then would be able to visit with her family a little and get out on Sanibel beach. I took the chance and called Periwinkle Park and they indeed had spots open...apparently a lot of them...she didn't even need my name. So we headed for Sanibel. We had a nice smooth trip to Sanibel got checked in at the campground and headed out to the Condo that Gobbie was staying in. I called Joseph and Melanie and invited them to come down and visit and stay the night with us in the camper and we would all go back Sunday morning. And they did come down, it was nice to have all of us there and I think they had a nice time. We had dinner and Joseph and Melanie wound up going back home after we ate, it seems we had a break out of the sickies at church and were loosing Sunday School teachers left and right. We actually had 2 confirmed cases of Swine flu...Glad we were gone for 13 days we missed it completely.

So we spent the night in Sanibel got up the next morning and met my sister and family at "The Sanibel Bean" my nieces favorite coffee shop had breakfast and headed home. With out incident.

Tomorrow we will take our bruised and battered Camper to the shop to get it fixed...thank heavens for Insurance.. =)

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