Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life of Camping Day 2 part 3

I might as well continue and get you up to date.

Day 2:
Well we head to the Keys today... can't get out of this campsite fast enough. Not that the campsite is horrible just the mosquitos. 
We continue to drive down 41 to the Keys. The traffic was not bad at all going to the keys, but coming out of the keys it was backed up!! So we get to our Camping spot and back the camper in and proceed to plug the camper in, only we can't find the outlet. Oh there it is on the other side of the camper????  Camper and MOST/ALMOST ALL/EXCEPT ONE camping spots have there plugs and outlets on the back side that is driver side of the camper. This camp however,apparently to save space and or money has placed a central hook up between every two campsites. Which is great if you are in a ODD number(this is a BIG hint only reserve ODD numbered sites) spot but if you are in an EVEN number spot the plug is on the wrong side.  So I hop on my bike and go back up to the Ranger station and see if possibly they might have an odd number spot open till Friday night.......of course they don't these people know about the even odd thing.  But the Ranger--who seemed surprised that we didn't have an extension--at which I replied ((gritting my teeth)) we've never needed one before--could tell us where we could find one. Now it is 5:30-6 pm on Sunday... what are our chances... It's the Keys, it's their off season and they are just generally laid back, nobody is going to be open... except. The place is a campground up the road that has just gotten a shipment in and should have some. So we leave the camper behind and run up to the campground to purchase a extension cord. They only have one 10 ft cord left---after all this was 4th of July weekend and the campsites were bursting at the seams in the Keys---Ken says it is not enough, I think it is,what choice do we have we buy it hoping for the best.
Well sometimes the best just isn't good enough----we get back and attach the extension to our plug---walk over to the power outlet aaannndd it is, and I'm not kiddding you 13"short!!!!
Our only option is to move the camper over 2 feet in this already narrow spot, till we can get yet another extension cord to fit, And moving the camper worked! with a few inches to spare!
The camper is staying right there... it's not moving again, it will be fine!!! WE have electricity!!!
Now I now all you die hard tent camper are just rolling your eyes at us but this is how my husband/we camp.


Deb said...

What happened with the vent and the rocks?

ladybug said...

The rocks are still on the vent at this point. BUT we have gray tape!!! and a 10 ft ladder... gonna fix that sucker, when it gets a little cooler tonight. We are afraid if it rains it will leak so we are going to tape it up.