Friday, July 10, 2009

Camping Life Day 7 In the Wee Hours of Morning AGAIN

Just when you think it can't get worse.... it does.

 We were awaken again this morning at 4:30ish by a very large banging sound on or roof. Sounded like a tree landed on us. Woke all three of us up right out of a dead sleep. Then this flapping sound. We went..rushed outside and the winds were VERY strong. ... They had taken out our awing. So here we are again all three of us outside in our pajamas at 4:30ish in disbelief, is this really happening?? Our awining was now flipped over the top of our trailer, covering the AC unit (can't tell how badly it got hit it yet), and just about completely took out the antenna. It pulled the screws that were bolting it to the roof, just stripped them almost completely out. 

Now we have a newly purchased 8' to 16' extension ladder (see day 2 or 3, I don't remember it's 5:00 IN THE MORNING).. 

Thank you Lord for the things you give us that we don't completely understand. He always has a reason... we now know why we needed to purchase that $80.00 ladder.

 We came to the conclusion we were going to just have to cut that awning loose. Because the bolts were pulled more than half way out there was no way it was going to hold for the drive home. So we got Jacob's trusty fishing knife and sliced it off. Now we had to get it off the roof. The opening part of the awning is very heavy it has a spring mechanism that rolls all the awning up into a nice roll. This is what is flipped over the camper taking out the antenna and not sure about the AC... it is still working... but we are not sure about the cover yet...IT'S STILL DARK.
The awning is now laying in the bushes on the back side of our camper, cut free from it's entanglement. Ken was able to snap free, (yes twist till they broke) the rails from the camper since they were already half snapped off .  Ken is concerned that the back end of the awning took some wood out (framing) when it snapped... we'll have to get a better look in the morning when the sun comes up. But for now pray that the AC unit holds together. 

By the way the roof vent with its duck tape (which is why we bought the ladder) is holding together quit nicely... to bad we didn't use the duck tape on the awning ..... we might be using this universal tool on the AC cover before it's over.

Sadly we were not the only ones to loose their awning.. our "neighbor" who was out walking her dogs, told us at least one other camper lost their awning too.
She and her husband were able to get theirs in before they lost theirs. We'll see in the daylight there might have been more.... they were really BIG gusts of wind..
But for now I am going back to bed.   Pictures to follow.....

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