Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life of Camping part two actually day 1

I figured since I am awake I would back up to day one of camping.. this way I can just print it out when I get home and scrapbook it... it's the journaling I always hate to do.

Day One: We arrived at Collier-Seminole SP last night. It is on 41 somewhat in the Everglades. When we stepped out of the truck we were just swarmed by mosquitos. I literally could not breath with out fear of aspirating one. I looked down and my ankle were just covered! Out came the bug spray just not fast enough and you couldn't spray it in enough places. So we decided not to go outside at all last night. Didn't even unhook the Trailer from the truck or even pull out the awning. We ate sandwiches for dinner, not that we couldn't cook it was just cooler not to cook inside. The people around us must have thought we were going to make a quick getaway in the morning.
There were a couple of tent campers that did disappear this morning.
Well we unhooked the trailer this morning and headed for Walmart. We can't go camping with out finding the nearest Walmart and going at least once, ask all my camping buddies. It just doesn't happen... sometimes it is a 2 trip venture. This one was.
When we got back from the first trip Jacob turned on the light over the sink and it was real dim hmm. So we though we'll turn off everything that wasn't necessary and it did get brighter I figured it was the camps electricity didn't mention it to Ken since he was already napping exhausted from our first trip to Walmart.
Ken stayed back and napped while Jacob and I made a second run to Walmart.  When we got back Ken was working on the fan in the AC unit, it had stopped working. He could "beat on it" and it would start but if you stopped it it would not start again till he banged on it some more.
OK this is day 1 of a 8 day camping trip to the Keys and our AC is not working????
Well it's running and Ken senses that something is not right-he can't hear the converter running (I didn't know you could hear that??). So out come the tools and he takes the from panel off under the refrigerator and proceeds to bang on the converter (well it worked on the fan motor).
then he finds a plug... not plugged in?... wonder where it goes?. Well it is the plug for the converter, but where do we plug it in?? Then he finds a outlet on the backside of the power panel and plugs it in.. voila it works and more importantly the fan motor and the AC are working properly now and the lights are not dim anymore. Now this area under the refrigerator is where the big external plug for the camper is stored you just push it through the hole on the outside of the trailer. The external plug line had wrapped around the converter plug and when Ken hooked up the electricity last night it unplugged the converter. Problem solved the trip will not be a total loss. Well not completely.
We have one more night here and we cook in the trailer, the mosquitos are just horrible. You can't stand outside.... NOBODY in the whole camp is standing outside!!! 
PS the camp is only not even 1/4 full  apparently they read the mosquito meter.
There is always tomorrow. 

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