Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life of Camping Day the first evening(Fri) in Collier-Seminole

Oh I  forgot to tell you one thing; the first evening(Fri) we set out. We were hugely delayed because we had bought a used 15 HP motor cheap--the reason it was cheap is 1)it's old and 2)It is missing the prop. Well the guy we bought it from Tuesday night before we left said he could have one by Thursday, Thursday he said he could have it by 12 on Friday........ you guessed it by 12 on Friday looked like there was going to be no prop at all. So this guy is really nice and scrounges us up a Loaner motor to take to the keys... Ken and Jacob go and run to go get it... it is now going on 4:00 pm on Friday the weekend of Fourth of July when everyone is going somewhere!!  But I have to tell you traffic was not bad I was pleasantly surprised. So we get to the camp site and Blah blah blah you already hear about the mosquitos and such. But what I forgot to tell you is. And for those who went camping with us Memorial Day weekend..... Yes the alarm started going off again at 1:30 am. This is, for those of you that weren't with us, the alarm for gas leaks it smells a leak and the alarm goes off.  There is nothing wrong with the gas line just the stupid alarm.... The RV repair shop where our camper spent the last 5 weeks checked it out and said nothing was wrong and the alarm had not gone off. Of course they were not around it in the wee hours of the night when it goes off!!! Their suggestion was to bring a can of compressed air and "clean out" the sensor when it does it. Did it, it didn't work. so we took it apart and CUT THE WIRES... problem solved it hasn't gone off since :-)

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Who needs McGuyver?! You are McCathy!!!!